Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Scrapbook Going Out of Business Sale

Having our very own scrapbook store was a huge dream of Susy and I.  We felt that having a successful online scrapbook store was the first step in that dream.  Unfortunately, it always felt like we were right on the edge of success and we just couldn't push over that line.  There were things we could have done that we didn't because of time or money and I'll always wonder what would have been.  However, now that I have a job outside of our online store new options are opening up.  We may be purchasing our first home in the near future and that's an exciting concept all on it's own.

I'm going to be offering the store, the blog, all digital content made by Susy or me, and all other store related material that I can legally give away for a $500 opening bid (or best offer that makes it worth my time to change a million passwords and such).  After a week I'll either except the best offer and hand it all over or simply shut it down and let it die.  It hurts me so badly to even say that the store has been my baby for years now.  I've watched it grow and given huge parts of my life including my eyesight trying to make the dream come true.  But we have new dreams now of home ownership and the past is the past I guess.

So come to the store while it's still open and buy something.  At 50% off I'm not sure how we won't loose money on many many orders but we don't need 25 or more of some scrapbook paper designs and sharing the scrapbook love seems the right thing to do on the way out.

If it doesn't sell I'll keep the blog and try to keep in contact with everyone.  If it does I'm sure I'll make a new blog at some point just for fun.

Susy and I love each and everyone of you.  I consider many of you friends and have enjoyed being a part of your life.


  1. Aw I'm sorry to hear that, I sort of wondered what ever happened I didn't see a post of yours for sometime....I hope your items gets sold - good luck and hope to see you back to blogland when you get situated. Take care to you both!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this ... I had wondered what was going on since we hadn't heard from you in awhile ... I knew about the job ... but was hoping to see you pop in here again from time to time :) Congrats on the new home dream! That is wonderful!!!!!