Friday, September 12, 2014

Free Photo Tips eBook

Now that the blog is no longer related to our store I decided to look for a few sponsors.  The first sponsor I've added to the blog is this free eBook on taking pictures.  In the near future I plan to also add a well known online scrapbook store that I'll reveal later.
For now back to the eBook.  I chose this eBook company for one of our sponsors for a few reasons.  First off, I didn't want to recommend any product I didn't personally believe in.  Most sponsors refuse to let you see the product.  In the case of this eBook was able to read the entire book yesterday.  I have no doubt I will read it again in the future.  I felt the book was well written with simple advice and great pictures.  Plus it's 44 pages long so actually gives lots of good advice.  Often I feel tricked into getting eBooks when I find out they are very short and don't tell me anything that I did not already know.  That was not the case with this book.  The 2nd and equally important part of this eBook is it's FREE!  I find it hard to go wrong with free items.

So if like me you are always trying to take that perfect picture to add to your scrapbooks this link is worth clicking on.

side note: in case you are wondering they don't pay me a dime for recommending you go check out this free book.  I'm only paid in the event that anyone likes this book so much that they buy one of the books that the company sells.  PS the free eBook has a coupon code at the bottom of the last page

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